Lead singer Pieter Nabbe only picked up on songwriting in 2013. Upon a tragic event had happened to a friend, he wrote and produced a song to comfort his friends’ loved ones.

Kroese Records in The Netherlands heared the song in a private event and considered it ready for immediate release. That first song ‘Take a Ride’ received high praise in Dutch music press, and quickly reached 7th position in the ‘TOP 100’ of modern music in The Netherlands (2016).

These events lay the foundation for Juneville, a group of talented musicians with whom Pieter Nabbe issued the first album ‘In The Garden’. In the Garden is an album with beautiful melodies and subtle arrangements comparable with Nick Lowe, Brian Ferry, Richard Hawley and Nick Cave. Summer 2018 release of the second album is planned.

Reviews ‘In The Garden’

The summer issue of music magazine LUST FOR LIFE awarded the album with ‘5 stars’. Reviewer Chris van Oostrom wrote about it: “Dutch pop has a new ‘dream debut’. Pieter Nabbe’s band does not play any inaccessible stuff, and what it plays can hardly be played any better! Moreover, Nabbe’s texts have superior phrasing which results in big messages with few words…and when he raises his voice…”

Niels Steeghs, in KINDAMUZIK: “Not only vocally but also musically this album by far exceeds the average! Inspiring lyrics which are given the space they need by Pieter Nabbe (…) As well as in Jezy Kosinski’s classical novel ‘Being There’, ‘In the Garden’ is a metaphor for live…death…and to come out of that stronger and wiser”

Reviews of live performances 

Patrick Struijker Boudier, 3voor12 hears the band for the Album release in Nijmegen, May 2016:

• “…the songs don’t lose any of their power when performed live!! ‘Come Back To Me’, very emotional on record also burns away in the live act! 

• On 16 november 2016 when Juneville was invited for a live interview/performance at radio station RTV Rijnmond, presentor Ronald van Oudheusden exclaimed: “What a band! This will reach sky-high!!”

LIVESTREAMMAGAZINE september 2017: ”…a whiskey tuned voice dressed in honey…a tight rhythm section with balsamic touches of keyboard and melodic guitar finishings.…a touch of alt/rock/pop/americana/romanticana served to the audience in a gold finished coctail bowl…”

Bandmembers (FLTR in picture above):

Leadguitar             Pieter Klaassen 

Drums                    Thomas Calis

Vocals                    Pieter Nabbe

Keyboard               Thomas Dessing

Guitar                      Bart Spierings 

Bass                        Gert-Jan Brust