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C'esco e i musicanti di Brahma

C’esco e i Musicanti di Brahma: a project born in 2016, from the songwriter Francesco Bertoletti (C’esco), a music full of energy, a powerfull rich sound, where different vibes can find a place, ranging from typical rock and folk’s acoustic and electric instruments such as guitars, violins and drums to ethnical ones such as didgeridoo, bouzouki, banjo or baglama. 

In May, 2017 the first album was released, entitle “Mutazione, profondità in superficie”, followed by the singles “Macchia di rosa” and Mutazione”. In the summer of the same year they opened to important bands such as: Gli Statuto, Folkabbestia, Gazebo Penguins, Espana Circo Este.

In July, 2018 the “Manifesto” E.P., containing four new songs was released online, on the main music channels. They managed to be selected amoung 150 artists to be part of the contest !MNext, by ICompany, which allows three winner artist to play in the San Giovanni square in Rome at the concert of the May, the 1st, one of the biggest free live festivals in Italy. Still in 2018, they open to Italian bands like Arpioni, Filippo Andreani, and play headliner at the Wisdom and Wonder Festival in Wageningen (NL).