Morrès is a Dutch rock-trio from the region Arnhem-Nijmegen with musicians (FLTR): Johan ‘basso’ Volman,  Anco Koens and Thomas Calis. 

The band was founded in 2013 – a quartet then- and acts since 2016 in the present formation.

The band recipe: a firm and driving rhythm section, completed with powerful vocals and melodic guitar lines, result in melodic power pop with a lot of energy and dynamics, from firm rock songs to fragile ballads – here and there some jazzy influences. Music in which one find space, a mix of The Police meets Muse: energy, dynamics, emotion.

Highlights since its foundation are a live performance at the nationwide radio at Veronica’s Countdown Café and release of the first album 'Still' in 2015.  

New music was written for the successor of the first EP resulting in the 5 tracks EP A Good Day, released in september 2017 with single 'Once'.  

A Good Day has become an EP with 4 firm tracks and a ballad. Generally the music has a cheerful, energetic fibe, in contrast with the texts, that are about subjects like loss in all its forms and shapes - and at the same time an ode to life itself.  

In the meantime Morrès is writing new material, with a mini tour in Germany coming up in 2018.

Press reviews:
LiveStreamMagazine“… A potential roaring rhythm section with powerful bass lines and tight flowing drum beats. Strong, pure vocals, energy and experience. A pinch of alt-rock and sympho, sharp texts and subjects. Whether or not moved or shaken this leads to a core of melodic power pop in which fragile ballads are not shouted.”

“… Once, inspired on Metallica’s ‘St Anger’ takes you with it in a personal search of anxiety and anger in which the sounds make you perspective.” :  “… a band with a massive sound, melodic pop. The word that crossed my mind is ‘bombastic’ but maybe I’m going too far. The three men formation has brought us an EP that is worthwhile”